“ [I like that both of our boys] sensory and motor planning issues are incorporated into the program. [Additionally,] the boys’ conversation skills have greatly increased. [My oldest son] can sit at a desk and complete his work independently! [Both of the] boys are becoming more confident and independent.”


“We really like that [InSNC].....focuses on sensory integration which other organizations are ignoring. You all do activities that feed that [child’s] sensory need. You all truly understand the autistic child in ways that other ‘schools’ do not. [Our child] now answers yes and no questions. This is huge! Before, we did not even know if he understood anything we said to him because he never responded. You all truly understand the autistic child in ways that other ‘schools’ do not.”

- Barbara Haney

“[Our son] needed more one on one attention....I knew [he] would get the care and attention he needed and we were right. We appreciate the loving, caring attention [he] receives from all the teachers and staff. I truly appreciate all of the staff and parent training that happens at InSNC. You have allowed us to continue helping [our son] at home as well as at school.”

- Lisa Smith

“I was open to beginning a new program and through discussions with Lauren I learned about reflexes, developmental stages and the importance of movement in reaching each developmental stage. My perception was that this program could help [my child]. [InSNC is] supportive of parents, [they] offer training and suggestions and give a lot of feedback. [They give] personalized attention to the needs of my child; [with] caring, loving, positive and supportive teachers and staff.”

- Cindy Neely